The Untamed Series

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It was the time when I didn’t have much workload in the office and I was going through my Facebook account and saw some old photos of me and my friends of college. And there was this one guy who used to be my best buddy, with whom I used to hang out with him so much.

So I decided to give him a buzz and plan a rendezvous. I somehow managed his contact no from other common friends and give him a call. When I called him he was same excited as me to meet. And when he came he told me about these slots game he have been playing and with money that is coming from it is the reason behind his happy on going life.

He also installed an online casino slot game on my android device as well called “the untamed series”. The game is themed around the famous series with unique wild animal and creatures or you can also call them the supernatural creatures. The wild symbol is the logo of the slot, which can be replaced by any other symbols excluding the other special symbols, that way the player gets the chance to increase the probability of winning as they more combinations to win.

It also has a free spins round which get activated whenever players are fortunate enough to find three Eagle eyes on the reels they spin, that makes it the house of the night means the perfect game for the beginners.