Santa’s Wild Ride to Take Me Back My Home

Posted by on May 15, 2015 in Article | Comments Off on Santa’s Wild Ride to Take Me Back My Home

It was a cold day of Christmas Eve and I was far from home because of the higher studies in Australia. Somehow I wasn’t able to go home back for the festival. Because if I would have gone then the expenses would be too much in just one week duration In just going home and coming back. So decided to rather stay and just talk over phone with the family.

After few hour of talking over I got little sentimental and regretted the decision. I was feeling little low then. And then this idea came in to my mind that my roommate told me few days back to win some money over online slots.

As it was Christmas day, so I went along with the theme and searched online for the machine based on the very theme of Christmas. And luckily I found a nice one with free spin as well called the “Santa’s wild ride”. It’s a 243 pay ways free slot machine that are always active to capture multiple line wins and I liked the game even by the first look, actually it’s very hard not to love this fun and exciting with the theme of Santa’s.

The game interface is like: a modern Santa on a motorbike, a beer mug overflowing, an elf with a huge drill, and other delicious food items, that’s how cheering it look when you got to play it and the song played in the background is pretty amazing as well. I played it and won enough to get back to home and later I went there after two days. There the smile on the faces of the members of my family was quite amazing and I was so glad to this very game bring me back to my family on Christmas.