Won Big With The Bingo Slots

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I was in Australia those days for the leisure time. Since my hometown is Perth but my family shifted to USA as my dad got transferred when I was in my twenties. So I was there and the Adelaide to meet up my folks from the school and we decided to play, drink beer and have some fun like the shining stars. So we went to the casino and I had this visa card with me that my dad brought me for my 30th birthday. And we decide to play knight games after having some food in the café area of the hotel. We entered the gambling area with kind of a dance and within a flash we were sitting at the bingo table to earn some money. We went to a group of players to buy the coupons and the credits so that we can play the slots as well. Before buying the credits via PayPal we decide d to read some reviews online on my android device so that we can use some bingo tips in order to cheat and win the bingo generator. And it reminded me the time when I used to play in the casinos of Sydney and Brisbane and win tons of money. Since I haven’t got any insurance now, so I was little conscious this time about the instruction made by the bingo hall authorities. And I assured the security that I won’t be a problem inside. My friend has known some bingo knight bonus codes, so we didn’t want to lose the chances of winning and that’s why I stayed calm and let him play his cards. And he was playing pretty good and I was just watching him winning the money, after all it was going to be divided between us. After sometime I got little bored and then grabbed some more beer and went to other section of the hotel, where this karaoke program was going on and I started enjoying it and even I took the audio microphone and tried to sing some songs and the spectators nicknamed me the flint because I was singing pretty good with getting all high. When I returned from there my friend has already won enough of the money so that we can spend the whole month without working or we could go to Ireland or elsewhere. I really had so much fun that night; I am kind of a high even right...

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The Untamed Series

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It was the time when I didn’t have much workload in the office and I was going through my Facebook account and saw some old photos of me and my friends of college. And there was this one guy who used to be my best buddy, with whom I used to hang out with him so much. So I decided to give him a buzz and plan a rendezvous. I somehow managed his contact no from other common friends and give him a call. When I called him he was same excited as me to meet. And when he came he told me about these slots game he have been playing and with money that is coming from it is the reason behind his happy on going life. He also installed an online casino slot game on my android device as well called “the untamed series”. The game is themed around the famous series with unique wild animal and creatures or you can also call them the supernatural creatures. The wild symbol is the logo of the slot, which can be replaced by any other symbols excluding the other special symbols, that way the player gets the chance to increase the probability of winning as they more combinations to win. It also has a free spins round which get activated whenever players are fortunate enough to find three Eagle eyes on the reels they spin, that makes it the house of the night means the perfect game for the...

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South Park Reel Chaos: Entertainment over Risk

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I was going through the college albums and was getting nostalgic by looking at the young pictures of ours and I was really missing the fun we used to have together. So later that night, when I was surfing on Facebook I decided to find one of my best friend, to whom I haven’t talked in ages because I didn’t have his phone number. And guess what I got lucky and found him on the social networking platform and fortunately he has mentioned his cell no. on it, so I called him and arranged a rendezvous. When he came we grabbed beers and cheered for the sake of old days and then he told me about this slot machine, from where he was getting all the finance to keep up the lavish lifestyle he was living. He showed me this game called the South Park: Reel Chaos, seemed like a chaos to me at first, but when he tell me the rules & reviews and about the free play, then I kind of liked it. Then he got me play the very slot with the free spins he got by winning the jackpot and I played it pretty well being the beginner. It was quite a fascinating game and he told me that this is specifically designed for player who prefers entertainment over the risk. That is the reason he started me with very game, because if you want to do well at something then you have to like that thing and since this particular game was a fun game so he let me play it with the free spins. I really enjoyed the game and tried the game later that night as well. And it really was my lucky day so I won money as well with all the...

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Santa’s Wild Ride to Take Me Back My Home

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It was a cold day of Christmas Eve and I was far from home because of the higher studies in Australia. Somehow I wasn’t able to go home back for the festival. Because if I would have gone then the expenses would be too much in just one week duration In just going home and coming back. So decided to rather stay and just talk over phone with the family. After few hour of talking over I got little sentimental and regretted the decision. I was feeling little low then. And then this idea came in to my mind that my roommate told me few days back to win some money over online slots. As it was Christmas day, so I went along with the theme and searched online for the machine based on the very theme of Christmas. And luckily I found a nice one with free spin as well called the “Santa’s wild ride”. It’s a 243 pay ways free slot machine that are always active to capture multiple line wins and I liked the game even by the first look, actually it’s very hard not to love this fun and exciting with the theme of Santa’s. The game interface is like: a modern Santa on a motorbike, a beer mug overflowing, an elf with a huge drill, and other delicious food items, that’s how cheering it look when you got to play it and the song played in the background is pretty amazing as well. I played it and won enough to get back to home and later I went there after two days. There the smile on the faces of the members of my family was quite amazing and I was so glad to this very game bring me back to my family on...

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Mafia world of Slotfather

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There is always some curiosity in us that if we like anything we start searching about that one in our area of interest. In the same way I am very much in searching and trying the slot machine which may either online or offline. I am in the habit of going through both one but most of the time I prefer to go through online. I was watching a movie which I liked the most and went for the search of any game which would be based on that one. The contest which I generally went for the play is the Slotfather. I liked the graphics such a way that wasting any moment I downloaded the full which was free and was surprised to see that it also offers the facility of 3D also. After the release of this one in 2009 it had been the most popular by its free spins and its promotional bonus. The concept of this one is somehow same as the movie was subjected. There are animated icons of the characteristics of the mafia world which is headed by the main or can say the wild icon of the contest. This is comprised by the 30 paylines and five reels in which you can bet starting from one to the max of 30 per line. As have seen in most of the play the only thing which you will have to do is make the perfect matching of the symbols in the active slots which will reward you certain credits and the free spins. For activating the round of bonus you will have to make the match three symbol concurrently which is the logo of the entitled one. There are many symbols which are used in this one such the things which is being used by the head of the group such as cigars, rings, revolver, wines and many more. While going through this you will be in dilemma that you are playing from whose side either you are in for the mafia or against them. Overall, it is very adventurous...

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